Security Systems

System Overview and Architecture

Chesapeake Controls is pleased to offer Honeywell’s WEBs-AX™ Integrated Security open communications building automation platform. WEBs-AX is a family of state-of- the- art, Web-enabled building automation solutions that provide you with amazing flexibility. The entire system is Internet-based, so all you need to access the system is an open Internet connection. With the WEBs-AX Open integrated system, you’ll have the versatility to choose a collection of best-of-class open protocol products using LonWorks™, BACnet, ModBus and OPC-based products for your building needs

CCTV Integration

The bi-directional alarm features in the WEBs-AX system allow events to trigger cameras to focus on pre-set locations and digital video recorder (DVR) recording rates to increase. Alarms generated by the DVR/cameras can be set to initiate events, such as turning on lights, occupancy modes for HVAC, sending alarms to an operator console or sending notification via email. Both live and recorded video may be viewed using the WEBs-AX station – you’ll meet all your needs with one user interface.

Card Access

WEBs-AX Security offers a full-featured access control system and intrusion detection, and because the system is modular, you can start small and grow. WEBs-AX security controllers utilize the Weigand card reader industry protocol standard, so it is likely any existing readers you have can still be utilized and integrated into the platform