Emergency Notification Systems

We understand that safety is a priority for our customers, that is why Chesapeake Controls is proud to announce that we offer Emergency Notification System products. Through several partners, BluePoint Alert Solutions and Omnilert: Gun Detection & Emergency Mass Notification System we are able to create a safer and more intelligent building for you!

BluePoint Alert Solutions – BluePoint Alert Solutions provides a Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) and support which include security assessments, emergency planning, video camera integration, controls access integration, and building security enhancements. The goal of BluePoint Alert Solutions is to instantly notify emergency responders in a crisis situation, contact those that are in the building, and expedite a rapid response so that lives are saved faster.

Omnilert – Omnilert provides the most effective active shooter solution that saves lives through the unique combination of early visual gun detection, mass communication, and automated response. Their artificial intelligence (AI) powered Omnilert Gun Detect software bring reliable, 24×7 monitoring through security cameras, creating a deployable early gun detection solution.


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